Expanding Executive Capacity

Korora Partners is a Silicon Valley-headquartered firm geared toward helping CEOs, board members, senior executives, and leadership teams around the world attain heightened levels of performance through executive mentoring, organizational transformation, and individual or group assessment.

We focus on helping executives, their boards and leadership teams effectively navigate through periods of uncertainty or transition caused by dramatic shifts in business dynamics. These changes, whether caused by internal or external forces, typically represent huge opportunities or strategic inflection points that will dramatically transform your business.

Korora Mentoring Program

Enhancing the performance of CEOs, board members, and other senior executives through an immersive, supportive relationship with one of our highly experienced mentors.

Organizational Transformation

Helping current executives and their leadership teams confront “inflection points” in their business. Make the right decision -- at warp speed, using your detailed Korora roadmap.

Assessment Programs

The Korora Assessment Programs are designed to help you grow your business by attracting, retaining, and developing your most precious business asset: the outstanding people who work within your organization.