Team meetingKorora Partners is a Silicon Valley headquartered firm specializing in mentoring CEO’s, other “C” Level executives and senior managers. Additionally, we engage with senior leadership teams to help you work through challenges associated with major shifts in the dynamics driving your business. Successfully navigating through these inflection points provides the basis for long term and often dramatic growth.

Korora Partners’ business is founded on our ability to leverage experienced leaders who have had vast, concrete business experience with organizations ranging in size from small start-ups to multi-national Fortune 500 companies. We have successfully:

  • Led ambitious global expansion programs
  • Engineered ways to boost employee motivation and increase workforce productivity
  • Built highly successful teams through effective coaching and mentoring programs
  • Directed large multi-national sales organizations
  • Accelerated revenue in individual business units
  • Developed detailed product plans and launching/promoting new products
  • Managed on-the-job operational P&Ls
  • Guided corporate restructuring plans
  • Built start-up companies
  • Managed major acquisitions and complicated mergers

We truly value honest and direct communication. We know you don’t want lip service and buzz-words and neither do we. We won’t shy away from being frank where we believe you may be heading down the wrong path and we will push to open your mind to all relevant solutions. Likewise, we believe shared collaboration is the key to any business partnership and we will be eager to solicit your input and ideas.

Our advice stems from real world executive know-how that can only be gained after decades of working in the business world.