Korora Assessment Programs

assessmentchartThe Korora Assessment Programs are designed to help you grow your business by attracting, retaining, and developing your most precious business asset-the outstanding people who work within your organization. Our Assessment Programs are geared toward providing individual executives, entire leadership teams, and/or whole companies with valuable data-driven assessments which will help promote communication, cohesiveness, and effectiveness across the organization.

Individual Executive Assessments

For individual executives, we offer a LEADERSHIP VALUES ASSESSMENT (LVA), a highly impactful 360° tool geared toward providing executives with a full picture of your beliefs, values, and behaviors as a leader. The LVA is a web-based assessment tool, requiring only a few minutes of selection and the prioritization of various attributes. The LVA is performed by yourself and by several others who have worked closely with you. We have found there is real value in the comparison between selfperceptions and observations of one’s superiors, subordinates and peers. Particularly impactful can be the illumination of certain beliefs and behaviors that, based on the input of others, are not particularly productive to work and collaboration. The accumulated LVA scores are data-driven consensus rather than subjective opinions. Our LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT REPORT (LDR) is another 360° assessment tool for individual executives that goes a step further by exploring 26 specific attributes recognized as being highly-valued business and management leadership behaviors. By zeroing-in on these key attributes, the LDR can pinpoint even more specific areas of strength and those ripe for development. Utilizing your input and the input gathered from co-workers, your LDR results provide a valuable snapshot of your aligned strengths, potential blind spots, unrealized potential and areas for desired growth and development.

Group Assessments

Our LEADERSHIP TEAM ASSESSMENT (LTA) is an evaluation aimed at leadership teams of 15 or less. It serves to help each member of the leadership team deliver even more profound results in their current role, and prepares them to move into their next senior management position. It is a web-based tool that accumulates individual data points on personal beliefs, values and behaviors, and combines them with similar data points from the overall leadership team.

The resulting LTA provides concrete data outlining what is going well within the group as well as those individual attributes which are possibly hurting productivity and goal attainment. Results are delivered back to the entire team, including C-level executives who are included as participants in the LTA. Korora Partners also offers a COMPANY ASSESSMENT (CA) intended for an entire company or significant business unit, regardless of the size. It follows a similar process as the individual executive and leadership team assessments, but the results are often enhanced with demographic splits. Employees indicate how they perceive the overall company is doing, in addition to how they view it along functional lines, geographic areas, term-of-service, and other subgroups. One demographic slice, for example, could be the Leadership Team which would act much like an LTA.

The CA tool provides the clearest picture of the values, corporate culture, strengths, and weaknesses of the company as a whole. It also highlights items which most urgently need to be addressed in order to improve the overall health of the company and enable the business achieve its future growth objectives.