Korora Mentoring Program

stock-photo-14997780-teamThe Korora Partners Mentoring Program is designed to enhance the performance of CEOs, other C-level executives and senior managers through an immersive 1:1 relationship with one of our mentors. When combined with the interviews, research and analysis managed by our Chief Learning Advisor, we help executives achieve a sense of balance between their professional and personal ambitions.
For today’s leaders, achieving and sustaining clarity isn’t easy. But partnering with a Korora mentor will provide help to crystalize goals, set priorities and identify gaps where skills, behavior and vision may be holding back performance.

Our mentors become executives’ trusted advisors and play a pivotal role in boosting the skills and confidence in leaders. Each member of our team has the experience, training and commitment to help leaders achieve their goals and succeed beyond what they thought was attainable.

Why Mentor?

Why an executive mentor at this stage in your career? Although it may seem counter-intuitive, many executives find that gaining a mentor in the advanced stages of their careers is nothing short of transformational. The truth is that leading an organization can be an isolating experience—hence the cliché “it’s lonely at the top.” As you reach the top rungs, your circle of peers and associated support system often suddenly seems to dwindle, making it difficult to know who you can trust to exchange ideas and candidly discuss your business issues or concerns.

Korora’s Mentoring Program  fills that void by providing you with sound business advice from executives who have been in your shoes. All of our Korora Partners mentors personally understand the unique challenges you face as leaders in your company. Our firm’s goal is simply to share what we know. We want to transfer our business expertise to you so you can avoid common pitfalls, build great teams, and smoothly steer your company over whatever bumps in the road may threaten to disrupt your business. With Korora Partners, you don’t need to lead alone.

Why Korora Partners?

All of us at Korora Partners possess vast, concrete operational and executive-level management experience, having led organizations ranging in size from small startups to multi-national Fortune 500 companies. We are neither business theorists nor academics—our advice stems from real-world executive know-how that can only be gained through actual hands-on experience and learning.

Collectively, we’ve built factories and supply chain strategies, established worldwide distribution channels, taken companies to public markets, started up new companies, and led buyouts, mergers, restructurings and turnarounds. We’ve also designed, developed and launched hundreds of products and services in the U.S., Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim.

Our Programs are designed to help organizations attract, retain and grow outstanding people to ultimately step into the most senior of positions within the organization and deliver profound results.

What we do is transformational — here’s how it works:

Match mentor with client executive
We assign a Korora mentor whom we believe is best aligned to the needs of the client executive. We understand the role of “chemistry” in building a trusted/confidential relationship and we won’t lock you into a relationship until you are completely comfortable with your mentor.

Develop a clear appreciation of the client
We conduct interviews with people nominated by the client and utilize one or more of our assessment tools through our Chief Learning Advisor to help provide the foundation for the Deep-dive. Our CLO, Dr Michael Looney has access to a wide range of assessment tools and techniques to help our mentors build a more comprehensive understanding of each mentee.

Deep Dive
Provide a unique environment that supports self-examination and in-depth discussion required for development of an action plan.

Defining goals
Articulate the objectives and build measurement criteria for success.

Building the action plan
Develop a personalized plan for success.

Regular “check-in” sessions
Maintain enthusiasm to create a difference – stay on course and provide ongoing opportunity for dialogue and discussion.

Program Structure
A typical engagement is a minimum of twelve months, but we stay on board as long as is needed to achieve the goals.