Organizational Transformation Program

stock-photo-3644147-thankfullThe Challenge

KORORA’S ORGANIZATIONAL TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM is designed to help current executives and their leadership teams confront “inflection points” in their business—namely those crossroads-leading events with the potential to disrupt business processes and jeopardize future success if not managed wisely. In the face of today’s intense competitive pressures, rapid global expansion, and technologies that seem to change at warp speed, it is very easy for leaders to suddenly take a wrong turn.

No matter how capable an executive or leadership team may be, many are not fully prepared for the complexities inherent in dealing with game-changing business events. Most are also surprised by the amount of time, energy and resources that is spent in grappling with issues and in developing a course of action to address a new-found business reality.

Examples of inflection points include:

  • an ownership change
  • a decision to file for an IPO
  • an acquisition that needs to be seamlessly integrated
  • new technologies that are about to or have disrupted the market
  • a major management shake-up
  • the onset of an aggressive expansion plan
  • a turnaround

The Solution
KORORA’S ORGANIZATIONAL TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM enables you to respond more quickly and effectively to various inflection points through the development of a detailed road map we call an Inflection Point Response (IPR) plan.

The Components of the IPR
The IPR delivers several actionable benefits including a roadmap identifying key elements of the response and facilitating its implementation, providing clarity around goals, initiatives, priorities, skill gaps and needed behavior changes. We help provide alignment across the leadership team and are able to help you shift from defense to offense more quickly and confidently.

Development of the IPR
The IPR is a four-part process requiring the following:

  1. CEO acknowledges and embraces the need for change.
  2. CEO and leadership team prepare by completing a customized strategic survey and situation-relevant leadership assessment exercises.
  3. CEO and leadership team and an IPR team from Korora Partners work together in a two day interactive workshop to distill the preparation material, define what success will look like for this team post IPR implementation, crystallize the IPR goals, identify the mission critical initiatives and the operating priorities, highlight the human capital skill gaps and, importantly, the needed behavior changes to achieve success. This will include measurements and milestones.
  4. Korora’s IPR team delivers a post-meeting recap and conducts on-site progress updates with the CEO and leadership team at 30 and 90 days after the report is delivered.